Thursday, March 8, 2018

Off to Brooklyn

We're going to Brooklyn tomorrow on the 7:30 train.

Tim will meet us under the clock and 'put us in a car'.

I asked Bern if it would be a random car. "Do you have room?" Tim would ask. And then we'd get in.

But 'in a car' means something different to Gen-X folks than to baby boomers, I pray.

We'll stay with Eleanor while Mimi goes to a Parent/Teacher thing for her (in day care, really???)

Then she'll go to work and we'll have Eleanor for the day.

Joy and Wonder.

We'll come back on an evening train. I don't know how we'll get there--'in a car' or if Tim or Mimi will drive us--unlike many New Yorkers, they do have a car.

Back late tomorrow night.

Worth every minute of the drive to New Haven and two train rides.


Joy and Wonder.

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