Thursday, March 1, 2018

Honored and Humbled

A week doesn't go by that I am not struck by how honored and humbled I am to be the Interim-Missioner at the Middlesex Area Cluster Ministry.

The three little churches--each of them smaller than any of the three churches I served as a full time priest, by a lot--do so much and care so much and are so intentional in their ministry that I am moved by them over and over.

This is CHURCH the way church should be. Lay-led and profoundly dedicated....

We are having the annual 'book study' on Wednesdays in Lent. Most of the people are from St. James but one from Emmanuel and they touch me deeply in how profound and searching their faith is. We're reading a book titled How Little Can I Believe and still be a Christian? The folks in the study are willing to reveal their doubts as well as their faith--which, for me, are on the same continuum.

No 'doubt'/no 'faith' is what I affirm and live by.

Their willingness to share deeply about their spiritual life is wondrous.

How lucky I am to be in their midst.

Honored and humbled by them.

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