Saturday, March 10, 2018


Another post about fear.

Tim and Mimi and Eleanor's new apartment is amazing. 13th floor of a building in the Clinton section of Brooklyn. Views of Manhattan on one side and Brooklyn on the others.

They have two balconies, but I can't go out on them.

I'm terribly afraid of height. Looking out the windows is fine, but stepping outside that high up is beyond me.

At the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Anaheim, California years ago, my room was on the 12th floor and I had a large balcony. Not only did I not go out on the balcony to see the amazing vistas, I put a chair in front of the door to the balcony so I wouldn't go out sleep walking.

I've never walked in my sleep in my life!

Fear is the motivator of terrorists. The fear all around us in the age of Trump will keep us off the balconies where we can see the vistas of a different future and make up put chairs in front of our doors to keep out those 'different' from us. And make us buy guns to keep us safe. And make us 'hate the Other'.

These are bad and scary times.

Deep breath or two. It can only get better.

Go out on the balcony and see a future we can find hope, not fear, in.

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