Wednesday, July 1, 2020


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If there is truth (which I believe there is) on the Russian bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan. then not only is the President damaged, his White House and administration is in shambles.

Something like this deserved action at the highest levels of intelligence and the military.

It is unbelievable that such a threat to our military and our nation was not front and center since February.

What can it be?

His press secretary told a news conference the other day that "the President reads".

Would any other President need a spokesperson to announce that?

I watched President Obama's eulogy for John McCain on You Tube today.

Lordy, lordy, how I miss him.

Eulogizing a man he ran against for President at McCain's request.

It was beautiful and moving and powerfully about what American should be about--opponents respecting and admiring each other. The current president was asked, by the family, to stay away. And he did, to his credit, though he lied that he had 'approved' the funeral. He did no such thing.

What ever happened to politicians who disagree on many things, respecting each other?

We have to get back to those days.

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