Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The crickets are out big time tonight. Oh, not outside, but in my head.

I have a serious case of tinnitus that, lucky for me, sounds like crickets. Lucky for me since who doesn't love the sound of crickets?

And tonight they are really singing.

I know what stops it--certain notes from a pipe organ will. When I was at St. John's in Waterbury and the magnificent McManis organ was being tuned, I'd go into the sanctuary and sit until the crickets went away for a while.

And riding in an airplane takes them away for as long as the trip lasts.

And I know it has something to do with atmospheric pressure since some days leave me cricket-less and others don't, but I haven't figured out whether it is low or high pressure that does that.

Like I said, I'm lucky the sound between my ears sounds like crickets. It could, I suspect, be very annoying to have some other sound in your head.

I just know this: tonight the crickets are singing loud and long.

Sometimes I can hold my nose and blow and be cricket free for a while. But not tonight.

But it's crickets, for goodness sake. Who wouldn't be glad to have that sound follow them around in life inside their head?

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