Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter and Spring

I haven't posted for a couple of days.

Well, we had our children and their spouses and three granddaughters (8,8,5) since Friday, plus three old friends who came for Easter dinner and stayed for hours.

Not much time with all that human interaction.

And it was wonderful! Amazing! Indescribable to have so many people I love around for all that time.

But after Mimi left at 7 this morning and Josh and Cathy and the girls left at 9 or so--about half-an-hour after that, with classical music on the radio and our parakeet singing along, and Luke, the cat, our of our room where he'd been locked in (with food and litter box) since Josh and Cathy and the girls arrived with Laura, a rescue pit bull who tried to kill Luke at Thanksgiving and Bela finally able to relax about his job (DNA driven) to keep all those people 'inside the flock', Bern said, "I like it like this...."

Not that we don't like having them with us--oh, we love that--but they stay 3 days (just perfect) and then go back to the lives they live and leave us to live ours....

A perfect time together and a perfect time alone. Just perfect.

And lots of little flowers are poking their heads above the dirt in our yards.

Easter's message of Love being more powerful than Death is perfect in those places where, not so long ago, there were several feet of long frozen snow, now being places where flowers are being resurrected.

I'm not sure I could be a Christian in the Southern Hemisphere where things are dying just as the season of Easter occurs. I need Nature to reenforce the symbolism....

Joyous Eastertide to you all....

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