Saturday, April 11, 2015

Going to Ireland

I'm flying out tomorrow evening and will be in Ireland at 7 a.m., when my clock will be at 2 a.m. Oh, well, I get those hours back on the way home next Friday.

I'm taking my lap top, I think I can get on "Under the Castor..." from there, so I might send you a few posts from the Emerald Isle. If not, I'll be back next Saturday.

There are not many reasons I would fly to Ireland overnight--but I'd do it anytime for the Making a Difference Workshop. I think I told you I'm not leading but coaching three Irish leaders in the expectation that they won't need an American any more.

I've been thinking about it and my life can be divided into BMAD and AMAD--before and after 'Making a Difference'. When I went I was burned out, seriously considering renouncing my priestly vows and trying to get my life back together. When I came back I was truly alive, had my priesthood all new and my life has been a joy ever since.

No wonder I felt so thankful that I became a leader of the workshop and am now a senior leader and coach of new leaders.

That's how much it gave to me. So, I have to give back.

So an old homebody like me will fly 7000 miles, miss a night's sleep and feel like I'm doing what I was meant to do.

Not bad, such commitments.

See you soon, or in a week....

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