Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I live in a bubble

I live in a bubble, I really do.

I am a far-left Democrat in the most Blue state in the nation. I don't think the Democrats who run Connecticut are liberal enough, but they're Democrats so I'll forgive them.

Then I hear about these "Protection of Religious Freedom" acts in Indiana and then Arkansas and I am frankly baffled, bewitched, bothered and bewildered.

My first question is, how on God's green earth (which we're destroying) can there be that many people in the legislatures of two states to pass such ass-backwards (I can't spell "asinine") laws?

Then, calming down just a bit, I think, 'wait a minute, those people in state legislatures got elected by people in those states!!!'

Oh, my Lord, how can there be enough assholes to elect the other assholes to pass such asshole laws?

Then I realize: I live in a bubble.

Dannel Malloy (yes his first name is spelled that way) was the first Governor to restrict state money being spent for people to travel to Indiana, in reaction to that law that would have allowed businesses to discriminate against GLBTQ folks. Dannel is the governor of my ultra-Blue, bubble state. Of course he would do that because he lives in the same bubble I live in--Connecticut.

The nation I fly over from time to time to get to the Left Coast, is different from the Connecticut Bubble I live in.

This is good to know.

No longer will I think I am 'the norm' in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

There is still much to do to expand my liberal, inclusive, re-distribute the wealth, 'everyone makes it or no-one does' bubble.

Which, I am convinced, is where we all should live--in that kind of left-wing egalitarian bubble.

God help me.

I truly believe that's right.

Ponder it for yourself....

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