Wednesday, April 29, 2015

opposites do attract....

Bern and I have been married for 45 years come September 5th, and we couldn't be more different.

An example, when I do my laundry it may take 3 days. I carry my laundry bag down into the basement and maybe wash a load. Then I put that load into the dryer but it's too late to do the next load so I come down the next morning and take out the dry clothes and put them in the bag and wash the second load--including things that need to be hung on hangers. When they're dry, I hang them up but leave them in the basement. And the next day, I carry everything upstairs and put the clothes away.

When Bern washes, she starts early. Washes everything the same day and puts it all away that day as well.

I find the way she washes 'compulsive' and she finds my washing technique 'hap-hazard'.

And I would wash dishes every night. She has to wait until the dishwasher is crammed full.

I would never move anything, leaving furniture where it was first placed--she rearranges the furniture constantly, thinking I don't even notice, though I do, but I just don't care about the arrangement of things.

We should probably kill each other, we're so different.

Instead, we've lived together for almost 45 years in what could, I believe, be considered 'bliss' by most of the people on the planet..

Who knows how that happens?

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