Monday, April 27, 2015


So, I got a recall notice for my Hundai Elantra some days ago.

I make an appointment at Bosco Hundai in Waterbury to have it fixed and then get an email sending me to a Hundai dealer in Watertown. Ok, I can do that.

A young woman looks me up on her computer and discovers I have 4 recalls on my car!

I tell her I had no idea and she says to me, "they only send a letter if it's life threatening."

So, I have my power steering (life threatening) and three other 'recalls' that didn't endanger my life done in an hour and 30 some minutes.

During which time I read History of Rain, which, without reservation I give a 6 star rating on a 5 star system. It is one of the most complicated and beautiful books I've ever read. I have about 30 pages left to read and I'm doing one of those I don't want this to end things, finding any reason to do something besides finish the novel. Read it, especially if you love books. Incredible, truly.

Then I get a letter from the IRS saying they can't find my 2011 1040 and could I send it to them. First of all, where did they lose it. Second of all, why are they worried about 4 year old 1040's and third of all, why does it matter? They processed it and sent me money back. What's the issue.

I am normally a guy who loves 'government'. I'm a tax and spend Democrat, for goodness sake. And I pay almost no taxes because of the special rules for ordained clergy. It's really embarrassing. Since I retired from full time work, we've had more income than ever before (pension, 2 social security checks and my part time job) and we've paid no federal or state income taxes. My advice is to get yourself ordained on-line and realize how you should have done it years ago....

But how in the hell did the IRS loose my 2011 1040 and why were they looking for it?

Mail is often boring, but these two were interesting.

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