Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Draft

OK, this is about football, so if you don't care, don't read the rest.

The Chicago Bears, in the seventh pick of the NFL draft tonight, took Kevin White, an amazing wide receiver from West Virginia University.

This is amazing to me because the Chicago Bears are my favorite pro football team and the West Virginia Mountaineers, my alma mater, is, of course my favorite college football team.

Why would a kid from southern West Virginia root for a team from Chicago, you might ask? Because of their uniforms, I would answer. They have black helmets and black jerseys at home. And West Virginia has dark blue helmets and dark blue jerseys at home. A no brainer for a kid.

But I've love the Bears for years. And WVU for more years. To have Kevin White, who is amazing, picked so early in the draft, and by the Bears, is heaven.

God love those teams with dark helmets and dark jerseys at home.

God love them.

And God bless Kevin White and the Bears.


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