Thursday, April 2, 2015

wind chimes

We have two on our back porch. One just chimes and stuff on the bottom to be moved by the wind--only one of which is solid, the other two added by Bern and not air tight.

The other is a wolf howling at the moon. It is somehow mis-made and seldom chimes, unless I push the chimes, which I do.

We should all live with wine chimes, I think.

Their sounds are soothing, random and transforming if you only stand still long enough and listen.

So subtle and so lovely.

I wish I could have a wind chime in my head.

I stood on the back porch a lot longer than I would because the wind was blowing and the wind chimes were doing this subtle, soft, gentle sound that made me feel whole.

Ponder the wind--which is awesome enough--and then ponder wind chimes.....

That's a good thing to ponder as Good Friday and Easter close in.

Think about the wind chimes Good Friday and Easter would be....

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