Saturday, July 18, 2020

Strange Bluejay behavior
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(All opinions here are mine and mine alone.)

A bluejay flew down and got a drink from our birdbath.

Then he did a weird thing: he laid on the grass and spread his wings.

I watched for 10 minutes then started down to see if he was ok and he flew away.

Very odd to me.

Almost as odd as the time we're living in. The virus is one thing that makes things odd. The US is one of the few developed nations that hasn't dealt with it in a meaningful way. Cases in the south and south-west and California are out of control. No end in sight.

But so is what's going on with the President and in D.C.

It's been over 90 degrees there for over a week.

Maybe the heat is making things odd. 

But I bet that not it.

(I'd better stop before I get overtly political. Better to talk about bluejays.)


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