Sunday, July 19, 2020

OK, back to politics

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Birds aplenty in our yard today. Lovely.

We had virtual church and Bryan's sermon was great. In my 26 years at St. Paul's in New Haven and St. John's in Waterbury I had assisting priests and seminarians galore and loved to hear them preach. But in the Middlesex Cluster I seldom have heard other folk's sermons. So, virtual church is good in that way.

Enough of that: I'm back to politics.

Chris Wallace interviewed the President this morning on Fox News. Chris is the most independent correspondent on that channel.

He called 'fact checks' on the president over and again. The president said that in an agreement with Bernie Sanders, Biden had agreed to 'defund the police'.

It's not true and Chris pointed that out. The president asked an assistant for the text to the Biden/Sanders agreement and couldn't find what he said was there.

Because it wasn't.

The president also said we did more tests per capita than any other country and had fewer deaths per capita from Corona. 

Neither is true and Chris called him on it.

He also said (the president) that the virus would 'go away', which he's said many times, and it never has. And won't until we control the spread.

Don't believe me. Google the interview. Time after time the president lies and Chris calls him on his lies.

It's amazing.

The man in the most powerful position in the world is a pathological liar.

Astonishing, that would be, if it wasn't so damn frightening and harmful.

Go watch the interview.

On Fox for goodness sake!


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