Thursday, July 23, 2020

Baseball, thank you God, is back!  (link to my youtube blog)

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Baseball is back!!!!

Tonight the Yankees go to DC to face the Washington Nationals in the first game of a 60 game season.

Dr. Anthony Fauci will throw out the first pitch. Very symbolic.

I have always been a Yankee fan.

My father and two buddies in NYC waiting to ship out to WWII from New York were given tickets to a Yankee/Dodger World Series game. My father decided whoever won would be his team.

The Yankees won.

So I grew up in the southern most county of West Virginia being a New York Yankee fan.

My friends never understood.

Sports--and especially baseball--have been important to this country in times of crisis.

Baseball, for me, is more like "life" than other sports. Lots of time passes and then something happens! Lots of 'down time' in baseball, unlike football and basketball and soccer. Lots of time to look around and have conversation and wait for whatever is going to happen next. Just like normal life.

Since life today is anything but 'normal', I think baseball will remind us of what normalcy was like. And I think, give us some hope for the future.

Besides that--Go Yankees!!!


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