Thursday, May 8, 2014

A mouse in the house

Bern told me this morning she saw a mouse in the bedroom and put our 12 year old Maine Coon Cat, Lukie, in there and shut the door.

Later I heard her yell and she told me the mouse had been under the little table beside our front door and Lukie had chased it upstairs.

Now, I haven't seen the mouse, but I trust Bern to be honest about such things and Luke has been slinking around all day, stalking, I pray, the mouse.

I have no experience with mice in the house and if Luke is too old to catch it, I have no idea what to do next.

And Bern's reaction (she mostly being nonchalant and calm about all things domestic), has surprised me. She seems a tad freaked out by the mouse in the house. Not up on a chair screaming, but certainly not her normal placid self.

Lukie had better get busy and do his 'mousing-job' or we'll have to take further measures. I just don't have any idea what those are...mouse traps? a fumigator? moving?.....

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