Monday, May 12, 2014

So bad it is beyond's Evil

I know I recently called Louie Gomes the 'stupidest person' in the world. But what happened the last two days in CT goes far beyond 'stupid' to 'evil'.

As hard as it is to believe, there are people who call themselves 'truthers' who don't believe the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School actually happened--that it was a hoaks designed by people who want to take away guns from everyone who owns them

Two of the 20 playgrounds that have been dedicated around the state to the 20 children who died in the Newtown murders have been vandalized in the last few days and one of the 'truthers' call the mother of one of the dead children to tell her her daughter never existed and she had participated in the frabrication of the whole thing.

He called her on, of all days, Mother's Day.

Stupid is one thing...Evil is another.

There is no ring of hell terrible enough for these people who think Newtown never happened and it is all a government plot to erase the second amendment. I would, had I the power, erase the second amendment from the Constitution and seize all the millions of guns in this country. But to denigrate the 26 deaths at Sandy Hook--20 of whom were children--is beyond any stretch of the imagination, beyond belief....simply and only Evil.

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