Thursday, May 8, 2014

Personality Types and Jobs

I listened to a radio show today about personality types and jobs and it was very revealing to me.

I am (in  the Meyers/Briggs model) an ENFP.

That means I am and Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive personality type.

My Extrovert score is just barely higher than my Introvert score. I move easily between social situations and being alone. Either one is fine with me.

All the others (the NFP scores) are off the chart in their direction.

An Intuitive (N) is someone who knows the answer and doesn't know how. The opposite is a Sensate (S) who follows the rules and goes from a to b to c.

A Feeling person (F) vs. a Thinking person (T) listens to their heart instead of the intellect. (Not always a good thing!)

A Perceptive (P) is unlike a Judgmental (J) personality type since a P takes in all options instead of knowing which option is correct and which other options are, by definition, incorrect.

I would have made a terrible trial lawyer. A lawyer needs a strong S and T and P.

Luckily my Extrovert/Introvert scores are always nearly equal since I can function wonderfully in social situations or alone. Being an only child also gave me lots of introvert leanings. I love to be alone and I love to be in a group.

According to the show I was listening to on NPR, the two roles and jobs that would have suited me perfectly were being a college professor and being an Episcopal priest. The Former is what I longed to be, the Latter is what God ended up making me, against my better judgement.

I couldn't, on a bet, as smart as I am (and I am very smart, by the way) have been a physicist or mathematician or scientist of any kind and certainly not a CPA. So Fate and God (depending on which you believe in) led me to be what I was meant to be. And I've never been unhappy about what my work was. Though I would have enjoyed that graduate level class on modern poetry and the one on the novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I would have enjoyed all that and been good and happy doing that. But I came down where I was meant to be.

According to the show I heard, I am in the minority. Most people, for some reason, end up doing things that are unsuited to their personality type--hence the general unhappiness with their job...something that I've never understood.

I've been always happy and fulfilled with what I had to do each day. It suited me to a T.

Go ponder that....

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