Saturday, May 10, 2014

Right Wing Christians are like the Jews in 1939 Germany...

OK, here is my nomination for the Stupidest Man in the World--Louie Gomez, member of the House of Representatives from, I think, the second district of Texas. There's lots of competition for the esteemed title of Stupidest Man in the World right there with him in the House. But, yesterday, he ran away from the competition.

On the floor of the House of Representatives (one of the most prestigious deliberative bodies in the world) Louie Gomez yesterday compared Conservative Christians who oppose gay marriage to the Jews in Nazi Germany, I kid you not.....

Louie's point, as abstract and ridiculous as it was, was this: just as the Nazis labeled, vilified and marginalized Jews, Liberals are doing the same to folks who oppose gay marriage and the end of civilization as we know it that will be caused by gay marriage.

He even used psychological language--he said Liberals were "projecting" onto conservative, God fearing Christians, the kind of evil and moral taint that Nazis put on Jews before they started building the gas chambers.

Since members of the House have a limit on how long they can speak, he didn't get around to saying that the GLTB community and the "liberals" had started building gas chambers...but, I'm sure he thinks we have.

Doesn't Rep. Gomez realize that the reason 'liberals', moderates and anyone with a shred of common sense don't respect people like him is that people like him say nonsense like that?

Jews should go beat him up by trivializing the holocaust in such a painfully stupid way.

God help us when people that stupid and irrational can be sitting in the lower house of our national legislature. God help us, indeed....

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