Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stuff that makes my head feel like it's about to explode

1. Parallel Universes

We started a conversation about parallel Universes today at Clericus. Mike seemed to know more about the physics that I do. But it makes my brain seriously near exploding to talk about how, in a parallel universe things might be happening differently. Like I might have married someone besides Bern, had different children, been killed in Viet Nam (For my friend, Bobby Joe, who was killed in Viet Nam, I hope things worked out differently in his parallel universes), had different grandchildren, committed suicide, had parents that didn't love me, won the Nobel Prize.

I have enough to deal with in this Universe. Don't blow up my mind with other options....

2. Bit Coins

I don't even know what they are or how it works and yet today I listened to an hour long discussion about 'Dark Wallet', where you can keep you Bit Coins secret. Bit Coins aren't, in any sense I understand, "real". My checking account will be worth as much tomorrow as it is today. And the day after. Bit Coins, as I understand it, can be worth vastly different amounts from day to day. You could get rich tomorrow or be broke. And to have a "Dark Wallet" to keep them in in doubly brain explosive since they aren't 'real' and the 'dark wallet' isn't REAL either. Leave me out of this conversation.

3. People who don't believe in Climate Change

I have no time to even discuss folks who don't believe in Science.

4. Made up days

Last week I discovered there was a 'Daughter Day'. I called Mimi and wished her well. I wish now I hadn't. I don't have a Father or Mother any more so I don't need to observe the made-up days of Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day, but I am a Father so I'll have to endure it in June. How about a "CPA Day" or a "Garbage Collectors' Day" or a 'Day Care Provider' Day? Those make as much sense. When, by the way, is "Guys whose brains are about to explode Day?"

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