Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I woke up this morning (after hitting my snooze alarm four times) and what I felt was this: privileged.

I only set my alarm on Tuesdays (to go to Clericus) and Sundays (to go to church). But I enjoy the snooze alarm so much, maybe I should set it every day. I'll ponder that....

When I wake up (as I have for over 67 years now, thank God) I realize how privileged I am.

I live in a free country. I live in a safe town. I have a wife I love like a rock. I have two wondrous and gifted children (both of whom read a lot). I have the best three grand-daughters ever. I've never been abused in any way. My parents and my extended family on both sides loved and spoiled me. I'm smarter than I need to be. I have a remarkable sense of humor. Nothing much makes me tense or anxious or mean. I read a lot. I'm older than I ever imagined being and still feel decades younger than I am. I know how to type and write a blog. I love white wine. I can eat almost anything and not feel bad later. I love my life. Almost everything either amuses or engages me. I am a liberal Democrat and an Episcopalian. Olives are wondrous--as is blue cheese and Italian ices and Marlboro Red Label cigarettes (I know, I know, don't hassle me about that, ok?) And I really enjoy bird songs and our Puli dog and Lukie our cat and Public Radio and movies and our parakeet and TV and the Yankees and the night sky.

I don't have to spend any part of my day walking somewhere to a well and carrying water home on my head in a bucket. The electricity is always on. Our house is heated and cooled as needed. Bern's garden gives me joy. I do almost nothing most of the time (besides reading a lot) and have all the money I need and more I don't need.

So, why shouldn't my attitude on awaking be 'privileged'?

Perhaps better, it should be called blessed, since I'm a priest and all.

Don't know why that wasn't the word I first thought of.

I am, by God, BLESSED!!!

And because of that, by God, I am grateful, humble, privileged, wondrously thankful, ecstatic, That's what I plan to be tomorrow, when I wake up, whenever I do, not prompted by an alarm clock...it could be nearly 10 a.m., by the way, since I'm retired and that can be...but whenever I wake up tomorrow, one more day toward paradise and so grateful to be alive, I plan to feel 'blessed' and ecstatic.

I promise you that....

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