Monday, May 5, 2014

Birds--how I love them....

I was sitting out on our deck at dusk and heard the songs of at least half-a-dozen birds. Wondrous! Beautiful.

I even saw two young Blue Jays. I'm not sure I've ever seen baby Blue Jays before. We have lots of Robins and Cardinals who are young--but a Blue Jay is a new one on me.

I sometimes think that it might be better in the long run for us humans to simply disappear and give the world back to animals without our carbon footprint.

A baby Blue Jay doesn't exist simply to give me pleasure. It exists because the world belongs to the creatures.

If we weren't here, the polar ice would return. The climate change we've caused would, soon enough, regress. And creatures would live without fear of our taking away their land to make subdivisions. Actually, it wouldn't take very long at all for nature to take back the space the humans have claimed. My house is 214 years old. It would only take a decade or two without our caring for it for it to began to be overcome by nature. Creatures would find a way in, trees would grow near the foundation, vines would overcome the walls. In a century or so, there would be little recognizable as a human habitation.

Maybe Nature would be better off without us.

But I'd sure miss the birdsongs at dawn and dusk. I truly would.....

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