Friday, May 2, 2014

God Bless (truly) Janice Hahn

I have never been one for ecumenical worship and prayer. I am an Anglican for a lot of reasons that make worshipping with other Christians problematic.

Ecumenical worship is where nobody gets what they want from worship.

At a Prayer Breakfast in California this week, James Dobson, who is the head of a leaning-toward-
fundamentalist 'family' group, interjected his opinion that President Obama is 'the abortion President' into what was to be a 'religious' gathering, not a political one.

Janice Hahn, who is a member of California's congress, walked out and later said "James Dobson highjacked what was supposed to be a religious gathering and made it political.

Religion and Politics have, over the last couple of decades, become one in the same. Folks hold political views for what they see as 'religious' reasons and in an area where never the twain should meet, the two categories--religion and politics--collapse into each other.

If I wanted to make a political statement about my 'religion' I would have to say that Jesus taught an ethic of love for the outcast and condemned, at every opportunity, wealth.

That would not make me very good 'ecumenical' fodder.

That's why I'm not big on ecumenical things. I am an Anglican and a Liberal for lots of reasons.

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