Friday, May 9, 2014

Somethings I can't get my head around....

Just today, for example:

1) Monica Lewinsky: her article in Vanity Fair laments that she hasn't been able to get on with her life because we all still think of her. Well...I didn't 'still think of her' until her article in Vanity Fair. I haven't thought of her for years. And if I did in the last decade plus think of her, it was to momentarily hope she'd been able to get on with her life.

2)All the theories about why Monica wrote the article now. I've heard everything from 'the Clinton's paid her to' so by 2016 we'd have all forgotten her again (no less than Dick Cheney's wife said that on Fox news...there's tape) to the Koch brothers paid her to to derail Hilary in 2016. I just don't care. She wrote that I hadn't forgotten  her though I had and in a few months I will have forgotten her again.

3) Benghazi: correct me if I'm wrong (But I'm Not!) hasn't Benghazi had six congressional or senate committees already and haven't we all agreed it was horrible and nasty and not at all handled well by anyone AND that's what happened? (And maybe the Koch brothers are behind it to make Hillary look bad again--and she did look bad and admitted looking bad--before 2016?

4) The Koch brothers: I'm sure Tea Party Folk think about them a lot, but why should I--a left-wing nut--have to as well?

5) The NFL Draft: why is ESPN televising every moment of it? I wanted to know who got picked first and second and third, but now we're down to 81st and 82nd and 83rd and it's still on TV, I notice as I flip around between the Yankee game and the Red Sox being no-hit through the 8th inning.

6) Why am I still a Red Sox Hater and a Yankee my age shouldn't I be over all that kind of stuff? I talked to a man today at UConn in Waterbury who thought people over 45 shouldn't be allowed by law to wear team jerseys. He said he was moving toward not allowing anyone who was older than any athlete who was playing in whatever game it was shouldn't be allowed, by law, to wear and college, hockey, football shirt at all--including children not old enough to be involved in whatever game it was. He was very convincing and definitely a socialist, if not a communist since all those shirts aren't about sports at all, but capitalism. I saw a short sleeve tee shirt in the gift shop of UConn-Waterbury today about the double NCAA basketball win by both the men and women's teams for $23.99. That's a tee-shirt, mind you. All that stuff is about money, not being a fan.

There are other things today I couldn't get my head around...quite a few, actually. But then, there are every day. That's what makes me ponder so much, not getting my head around stuff. So, I'm going to stop there for now, if you don't mind....

Tomorrow is another day to encounter even more things I can't get my head around. I look forward to it all.....

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