Friday, May 23, 2014

Connecticut Spring

One of the joys of Connecticut is that we really have four distinct seasons. And when Spring come it comes with a vengeance!

Where only a few weeks ago, there was dirt, plants now thrive. The hostas and ferns are back in our side yard; the 6 rhododendron plants are about to burst into bloom: in our back yard alone, there much be "50 Shades of Green" which are a lot more life-giving and inspiring than the gray shades.

Tulips and daffodils came early, before the host of flowers and fauna that are now exploding all around us.

It is rained most of the day, on and off, (I wish we could outsource some of our rain to California) which is making more things wake up.

Spring and the growth of things is something that makes me hopeful that life really does triumph over death in the end. I ponder that every year. Late may is a tad late for the final and irrevocable arrival of Spring, but I'll take it with joy and gratitude....

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