Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Bless George Conway

George Conway is a conservative and a  major critic of the current president (HWWNBN-ed) and is, by the way, married to Kelly Ann Conway, one of the president's top advisors.

(Love to be a fly on the wall at dinner in the Conway household!!!)

Anyway, George has given the president a nick-name (something the president loves to do--make up nick-names) that is all time classic.

He called him, "The President of the United Base".

Wow! Nailed it, George.

This whole wall nonsense (nobody is against adequate 'border security'--but a wall is simply not 'adequate' to provide that security) is to the base support the president has. That support, somewhere in the low 30's of the total population, have gotten nothing from this president. But a small part of his base is folks like the Koch brothers, who have gotten millions from this president's attitude toward not taxing the rich and doing away with regulations.

"The Wall" is all the president has left to bring together his 'base'.

(By the way, at his rally in El Paso, he said 67,000 wanted in but only 10,000 could be in the auditorium. Later he said 35,000 were at the rally. Police estimated the crowd at 6,700--not even filling the seats and that Beto O'Roark's rally brought more people.

Just fact checking, ok?

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