Tuesday, February 12, 2019


(I wrote this poem for Mimi and Tim on their marriage. I don't think I ever gave it to them. I just write things about people for myself, I suppose. But I'd share it here.)


Not just an occupation,
though that is the usual definition.
Oh, no, more than that, much more.

“Profession” as a verb, not a noun,
is wondrous indeed.
To avow, to declare, to promise--
“profession” leads into all sorts
of nonsense and wonderment and joy.

To actually 'say so' about
what your lives will be and consist of
and contain.

To 'profess' opens up the possibility
of a future you speak into being.
A future that wouldn't have happened
otherwise, until you spoke it.

Few people in the world
make such a 'profession'--
speak a future and a life
into being like that.

And today you two do.

Astonishing, memorable, inspiring,
full of being and hope and wonderment.
Like that.
Thank you for going to the edge
of what you can know and see
and then stepping off.

And I know, as you step off into what
is not known, not knowable,
you will be caught by loving arms
or learn how to fly.

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