Monday, February 18, 2019

Every day

Every morning I wake up and give thanks to the Powers that Be for another day of this.

Even in February, in a day of the full moon, cold and still icy, I am glad to be alive.

I am married, come September, for 49 years to the only woman I ever wanted to spend my life with.

We have two amazing children who, in spite of our failings as parents, have become adults I am proud to know and love.

We have four brilliant, funny, loving grand-daughters who make our life magic,

We have a dog we probably wouldn't have had who is the sweetest, more modest and gentlest dog in all the world.

We have a house we own outright and have lived in for almost 29 years.

We have enough memories to fill the house and the town and the state with--most of which are wondrous.

There are so many more books to read and thoughts to have and opinions to share and things to ponder that if I lived forever I wouldn't run out of them.

I am healthy--though over-weight--and seldom (unlike yesterday) feel my age.

We have friends that matter and make our lives richer, better, more joyous.

So, every day I am just thankful for one more day of all this.

Every day. Thankful.


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