Sunday, February 17, 2019

feeling my age

I seldom do, but today I feel my age.

I often think I'm in my late 30's or early 40's, as wrong as that is. But I feel 70 today.

Probably it's because I've been with both bishops in the past week--both Saturday and Sunday this week.

As I said in my last post, bishops are exhausting.

Also, I missed a 1 p.m. funeral because the bishop talked with parishioners until 1:20 or so. I wasn't officiating at the funeral, but I wanted to go.

Bp. Robert Atkinson of West Virginia called me, 'my young Turk', which I always took as a compliment.

I once called Bishop Atkinson to ask him if I could do something or another--a public protest of some kind--and he stopped me to say, "Jim, if you ask permission and I say no and then you do it, I'll have to discipline you sternly. If you do it without asking, I'll just slap your hand."

So, I didn't ask and got a hand slap later. Fair enough.

I've never toed the line, so to speak, always a bit on the edge and edging outward. Young Turk for sure. Well, not so young now....

So, I tend to avoid bishops unless I have to be with them. I tend to like them and get along with them but always feel the leash when they're about.

Bishop Time is over now for what should be a long time.

Tomorrow I'll be 44. Today, I feel my age.

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