Saturday, February 23, 2019

tomorrow's sermon

I'm not going to write a sermon here. I'm not even sure what I'm going to say, but two of the lessons challenge us in troubling ways.

The Hebrew Scripture lesson is from Genesis. It tells part of the story of Joseph, in Egypt, giving life and hope to his brothers who sold him into slavery.

And in Luke, Jesus tells us the 'hard news' of "love those who hate you...turn the other cheek...if they take your coat give them your shirt as well."

Joseph's compassion toward those who made him a slave is difficult enough. But to 'love those who hate you"?

Luke is my favorite of the 4 gospels in the Bible. Luke is the 'compassionate' gospel writer. But 'love those who hate you" is asking a lot more than most of us are able to give.

I'll struggle with it until I stand before the folks at St. James, Higganum--then I'll struggle out loud.

And it will be a struggle, I give you that.

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