Monday, February 4, 2019


I just spent 20 minutes on the phone with my first cousin, Mejol (the only person on the census records in the country with that name--my Aunt Georgie was reading some obscure Native American novel with a character named 'Mejol', which is why she called her that.) Not many people must have read the book.

Spell check always highlight Mejol's name. Suggestions to fix it are: Mikol, Majority, Mel, Mejia, Merola. (The first and last of which, spell-check just highlighted!!! Good suggestions, spell-check.)

I think of her a lot. She helped my parents raise me. I love her dearly. We talk about every week on the phone--politics, childhood memories, kids and grand kids, pets, books, stuff like that.

She's the only one of my 18 first cousins (5 deceased) that I keep up with. So I should have said she's the only one of my 13 surviving first cousins I keep up with. I haven't consulted a medium yet so I won't hear from those 5.)

She's just special to me and I'm so glad we're in touch.

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