Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sister wives

I went into our upstairs TV room to take Bridget out for the last time today and Bern was watching "Sister Wives" on TV--a show about a polygamist Mormon family.

She watches it a lot.

I don't get it. It makes me queasy and uncomfortable.

I just don't understand her fascination with it. None of the people are very attractive so maybe a multiple marriage is there best bet.

One wife is enough for me--more than enough, in fact. Keeping up with the moods and thoughts of one other person is hard enough. Having four wives would wear me down to the bone.

And shouldn't these people be in jail?

Isn't polygamy a crime?

She also watches cooking competitions--which I can get into a little--but still, how much cooking can you watch on TV?

I'm a news and sports junkie with an occasional movie thrown in.

She also likes "The Walking Dead".

Go figure--multiple wives, three courses and zombies.

No accounting for taste, I suppose.

Give me CNN and MSNBC and HBO and ESPN and I'm satisfied.

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