Thursday, February 14, 2019

Declare it!

The President is apparently ready to declare a 'national emergency' to enable him to take money from other places to fund his boarder wall.

Declare it, I say!

Not only will it be tied up in court for the rest of his first and only term, it will let future Democratic presidents to use it as an opening to declare a national emergency regarding

*immigration reform

*environmental crises

*gun violence

*health care

*taxing the rich

and all other things that are much more a national emergency than a silly, ineffective, unneeded boarder wall.

Today is the first anniversary of the Parkland School shooting.

In the year since then almost 1200--100 a month, more than 3 a day--young people and children have died from gun violence.

That's a real 'national emergency', that's something that needs extraordinary action to correct.

Guns, health care, the Dreamers, the environment---we have 'national emergencies' a plenty. But our President of the United Base is only interested in a wall.

Build bridges, not walls.

That's my advice.

Take it or not.

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