Thursday, February 7, 2019

Reading report

I seldom make reading recommendations but today I will.

The author is Michael Robotham. He lives in Australia but writes about England.

His books are psychological mysteries since the main character is Joe O'Loughlin, a clinical psychologist who often works with the police. There are 12 books in the series (I just finished the most recent--The Other Wife. They begin with The Suspect, where Joe is a suspect in a murder and meets DI Mike Ruiz, who becomes a regular in the series, though most as a retired detective. Joe's family--wife, children, parents, three sisters--are also in most of the books.

The second book is Lost, wherein Ruiz is forced out of Scotland Yard after a botched case.

I really loved them all.

Oh, and Joe has Parkinson's disease--he calls it 'Mr. Parkinson'--and even with that weakness and just being a scientist, boy he gets into a lot of violence....

You have to like psychology and mystery and wondrously complex plots and complicated personal relationships to like Roboham's writing.

But I love them.

Check them out if you wish.

You won't blame me.

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