Saturday, April 17, 2021

Just what we don't need right now

Q-anon House member Marjory Taylor Green and Matt Gaetz (for God's sake!) and a few others are trying to start an "America First" caucus to promote Anglo-Saxon values and politics.

I'm about as Anglo-Saxon as they come (some Scandinavian in there too) and if there is anything we don't need in this country right now, it is 'promoting Anglo-Saxon values'.

Our whole nation is founded and run by Anglo-Saxon values and politics. That's why Black and Brown people are always on the outside.

Anglo-Saxon values believe the upper-classes should run things.

And that's what happening in our country--much to all our detriment. 

We need to support inter-racial and minority values right now.

We need to change the imbalance in income, social standing and influence to include all citizens.

And we need to open ourselves to immigrants.

Unless you're native American, you are descendants of an immigrant from some other place.

Anglo-Saxon values are of no use in such a diverse nation as ours.

We need to find solutions to our problems--not stand for out-dated values....


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