Monday, April 12, 2021

What I got today

 Virginia Theological Seminary sent me a face mask today with their name on the front. I'll wear it gladly. It fits really well and is three ply.

It made me remember my post-graduate education.

Two years at Harvard Divinity School--the first fully funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. I got that because two of my college professors nominated me for 'a trial year in seminary' for people college professors think should be ordained but weren't going in that direction.

I guess they were right.

A few years later, two years at VTS for my M.Div.

Several years after that two years at Hartford Seminary for my Doctor of Ministry.

Six years of theological training and I haven't picked up a book on theology for 15 years or so!

I guess I either had too much or it wore off.

I don't know which.

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