Friday, April 16, 2021

Birthday boy

Tomorrow is my 74th birthday.

In my youth I couldn't imagine living this long.

How did the song go?

    "Live fast/ Love Hard, Die young and leave a beautiful memory." 

My mother died at 63, when I was in my early 20's. Our children are both over 40 and I'm still here!

My dad made it to 83--though he mourned my mother greatly from her death until his. He was always a worrier and it got worse every year he lived.

I've tried to live 'in the moment' for most of my life--longing neither for the past or the future.

I've had a beautiful life, really. Ups and downs for sure--but in the main, really lovely.

Every morning when I wake I thank God for one more day of living.

I love living and thinking and pondering and loving and being loved.

Bern has been in my life since she was 14 and I was 17. Last year was our 50th anniversary. Not bad, all considered--in fact, like my life--'beautiful'.

I have had more joy and wonder than I perhaps deserved. Two incredible children and 4 wonderful granddaughter. And I'm thankful for every moment I've lived.

But I'm at an age where I will ponder things even more--which means, I suppose, I'll keep writing 'Under the Castor Oil Tree' for as long as I can.

I still--elderly as I am--have lots more to share with you.


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