Wednesday, April 7, 2021


 I noticed today that the Hosta plants are beginning to come up in our back yard.

I really don't like them--I find them spooky, how all these shoots come up in different places and eventually look like one plant.

But we have them and I'm not willing to fight to remove them.

They just spook me.

The Infra-structure bill must spook Mitch McConnell like hosta spooks me. 

A huge majority of Americans favor the bill---including nearly 50% of Republicans--but McConnell is having none of it.

It looks like Biden and the Democrats will pass it by 'reconciliation', which only requires 51 votes and avoids a filibuster. 

How can you be against roads, bridges, internet, schools, veteran's hospitals and other things being improved and the jobs the plan will create? Especially since they are long overdue for improvement.

Republicans just seem to want to say "no" to whatever Biden wants.

Even if a vast majority of Americans say "yes".

Go figure.

Must be like me and hosta--which is a plant many love....

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