Friday, April 9, 2021

Just wondering....

 I spent most of today just 'wondering'.

I wonder if our nation can find unity--it doesn't look like it can--not after January 6 and many Republicans still thinking, somehow, that the election was crazy as that is?

I wonder when, if ever, we can all agree that children, fleeing horrible conditions in Central American, deserve to have a new life here, in the Nation of Emigrants?

I wonder how Biden can get the things done we need done--infrastructure, racial equality, changing the tax code, restoring the economy when the Senate is so divided?

I wonder how long I will live? I'll be 74 a week from tomorrow--an age I never dreamed making. 

I wonder why, when I woke up yesterday, I thought for sure it was Friday and it wasn't until several hours later that I realized it was Thursday?

I wonder if I was thankful enough for being given an extra day of life by my mistake?

I wonder if Bern and my children and grand-children truly know how much I love them?

I wonder if God realizes that my 'doubt' is just the other side of my hand that is 'belief'?

I wonder if I have done enough with my life and ministry?

Sometimes I just 'wonder' and 'wonder' some more.

Wondering, I believe, is a good thing to spend time doing.


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