Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Doing my taxes

Much of today was consumed by beginning to do my taxes.

We have a large container where all tax related things go. I should go through it monthly so the separation of stuff wouldn't take so long this time of year.

That's what I did--separate stuff.

I had, I think, 12 piles when I was done--credit card receipts, bank statements, utilities, medical stuff, on and on.

One thing you need to know that will make you wish you were ordained in some church or another: clergy get to deduct housing expenses. Go figure.

That used to apply to military and school teachers but both those were eventually removed but the power of the church (such as it is) kept clergy exempt from paying taxes on utilities, home improvements, home loans and stuff like that.

Pretty amazing isn't it.

Sorry I have that advantage over you.

We hardly pay any federal tax and no state tax after I get it all together and on paper and to H&R Block and the guy who knows about clergy taxes.

It's a real rip-off for all who aren't ordained but a heavenly blessing to those who are.

So, I've got it all separated and now is just adding stuff up.

I hope to be done by Friday and take it in.

I've been lazy since they set tax day back, but soon I'll be done.

Good luck with yours.


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