Thursday, April 15, 2021


It has rained the whole day.

I haven't left the house.

The temperature is down below 40 and we could get snow tonight.

Bern reminded me today that "April is the cruelest month".

The President is going to end the longest war by September 11 by bringing home the troops from Afghanistan. The former President was going to bring the troops home as well. It's the only policy from that Administration that I'm glad Biden is going to follow through with.

It all began on 9/ll 20 years ago.

Both Josh and Mimi were in New York City when it happened.

We were terrified until  we heard from them.

Josh was in Brooklyn but his then girlfriend, now wife--Cathy Chen--had taken the subway to Manhattan. She got off at the Towers station just before the first plane arrived. She had to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to get back to Josh.

Mimi was coming out of the subway 4 blocks away and saw the first plane hit.

She had to walk home too.

But they were all safe. We rejoiced but mourned those who weren't safe.

Here's another thing I don't understand about the Republican Congress and Senate folks--when the previous President wanted to leave Afghanistan, they were all for it.

Now they are criticizing Biden for it.

Go figure.

Yet another thing most Americans are in favor of (like the Infrastructure bill) that Republicans are against.

"Doing the right thing" doesn't seem to set well with them.


They are like the rain. They just keep falling....


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