Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Here's your chance, beloved....

 I just found out today that the State of West Virginia is paying people $12,000 to move to the state.

That applies to everyone who moves in, but they are especially appealing to people who may be working from home in the long-run from DC, Maryland, Ohio, Northern Virginia and PA.

That would mean most of them would move to the eastern panhandle or the northern panhandle--look at a map of the state--or to the Morgantown area. All those places have done better over hard times than the rest of the state.

But if you decided to move further south in the state, $12,000 might mostly pay for a house.

McDowell Country, where I grew up, in the southern most of the 55 counties.

When I was a senior in high school McDowell's population was 100,000. Now it is 27,000.

Coal is dead and so are the coal mining areas of the state--once WV's major industry.

Planning a move?

Sell a normal house in CT and buy a mansion in WV.

The Mountain state is waiting for you!


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