Sunday, April 11, 2021

I have a thought

 Today I went to Trinity Church, Milton to celebrate and preach.

It is a great little church in the Wilderness. Nothing much around it--a church across the field that I found out today had been a church, then and school and is now a private home.

I have a thought about living in a church.

Some folks about to be deported have done that--lived in a church.

Most Episcopal Churches have red doors, which historically meant that government officers could not enter without permission.

Separation of Church and State and all that.

I'm not sure that's true anymore.

Evangelical churches have allied themselves with the Right Wing in a way that is disturbing to me.

But living in what used to be a church would be a blessing.

Surrounded by holy walls would be a feeling of safety.

I envy the person who lives in that Church across a field from Trinity. Bill told me it was a Trinity parishioner.

Good for them.

Living in what used to be a church--what a joy.

But no wi-fi there or at Trinity.

That's how deep in the country Trinity is.

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