Monday, April 26, 2021

The Moon is full and the birds are back

 The moon is wondrous tonight. Bright and round in the sky.

When I took Brigit out for her last pee, she looked at the moon for a long moment.

The moon is like that.

I used to fear a full moon when I was Rector of St. John's in Waterbury. The term "lunatic" is not wrong.

Every full moon the people who came to the soup kitchen were on edge and sometimes a fight would break out, though Barbara handled that with no need for help.

But it is beautiful. I love it.

And birds are back. We've had crows for a month, but now there are robins and sparrows, the occasional blue jay and a cardinal or two plus some lovely little bluish birds I need to find in my bird book.

At one point today there were a dozen birds of different kinds in our back yard, pecking at the ground and taking turns at our bird bath.

Birds give lightness and joy to my heart.

I love the birds. Even the crows and the occasional hawk high above.

Birds and the moon, what could be better as a source of wonder?

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