Thursday, April 29, 2021

I didn't write yesterday

 I had to finish our taxes and take them in during the morning.

It was my turn to fix dinner so I spent the late afternoon doing that.

Then I watched the President's address--very informative and often moving.

I tried to watch Sen. Tim Scott's response, which seemed to be MAGA-talk, until he, a black man from the south, said "America is not a racist country".

The Vice President responded that the 'country' might not be racist--but racism is all around us in this country. Well said, Madam Vice-President.

I was impressed that Biden acknowledged that 'no president has ever stood at this podium with two women behind him.' Harris and Pelosi did look right in their chairs.

Mitch McConnell sat like a petulant school kid, barely applauding anything.

Ted Cruz seemed to fall asleep at one point.

We are so politically divided that Biden will have to do whatever he can without Republican support.

A good day--but I didn't write....


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