Tuesday, April 6, 2021


 It was Spring today!

63 degrees is wonderful after this winter's chill.

Baseball season has started--what's more 'spring' than that?

The trash is out by the curb, like every Tuesday. But I didn't have to dig away snow to put it there.

I did a Eucharist at Trinity, Milton on Easter--indoors with 26 people. It has been a year since they knew open worship so everyone was full of joy.

We had Easter with Mimi (our daughter) and 4 year old Eleanor plus three old friends from New Haven. Everyone except Mimi was fully vaccinated and she's had her first shot.

Safe with a small number of friends--how we've all longed for that!

It's not over. Mask up. Keep distance from people you don't know. Wash your hands. Get your vaccines as soon as you can.

But--though the pandemic is not over--Spring is here and things are moving again.

A few more months and all will be well again.

That's what I believe and long for.

Spring gives me hope and joy and warmth.

What else could I wish for?

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