Sunday, April 25, 2021

Too deeply divided

In my 7 decades as an American, I've never lived in such a deeply divided nation before.

It astonishes and terrifies me.

Not only voting rights bills in Republican states, but bills that in essence take away the Constitution's right to peacefully assemble--calling 'protests', riots.

I have a sticker on my car--the statue of liberty, not holding a light but with her fist closed and raised. It says, "Dissent is democratic".

And I believe that.

Now tell me, if you can, if you don't see racial issues in both the voting rights and right to assemble bills being passed in Republican states?

I didn't think so.

The beat goes on.

Still, nearly half of Republicans polled think the election was stolen!

Still, over half of Republicans don't want the Covid-19 vaccine!

Proud Boys, Q-anon, Oath Takers and other far right groups continue to mess around in our society.

M. T. Green wants to debate 'the Green New Deal' with A.O.C. as soon as she finishes reading the oh-so-long 14 page bill.

Tell me, if you can, when, since the Civil War, we were so divided as a nation?

I didn't think so.

The beat goes on.

Beware, beloved, we are so divided among ourselves....


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