Sunday, January 6, 2019

Broken hearted

A New Year's Resolution I always make that is always broken is this: 'this year I won't care so much about sports'.

Today the Chicago Bears, my favorite NFL team, kicked a field goal to defeat the Eagles on the last play of the game. But the Eagle's coach called a time out before the ball was snapped and when the kicker tried again he hit the upright and missed the field goal.

Alas and alack.

Here are the teams I give my heart to:

college, any sport: West Virginia University, where I did my B.A. But the only team from WVU that is almost always in the running for National Championships is the rifle team--which often wins. Irony of ironies--I hate guns!

NBA: the LA Lakers, because Jerry West of WVU was a Hall of Fame player for them. Even with Labron James, they are barely above (by two games) having a losing record this year.

MLB--the Yankees, because my father, ready to set off to WW II and Omaha Beach was given tickets to a Yankees/Dodgers World Series game before he went to Europe and decided the team that won would be 'his team'. The Yankees won and I grew up in southern-most West Virginia as a Yankee's fan. My blood is pin stripped.

And the Bears. The reason I love them is that when I was young they had a running back named Gayle Sayers who I adored and their home uniforms were black helmets and black jerseys and white pants, which I found remarkably attractive.

And no matter how much I try to avoid feeling too much about sports, I do.

I was a junior high basketball and football player. Good in basketball, so/so in football. But I reached my full growth in 9th grade, so when I went to high school everyone else had out grown me and I had no sports future.

(The Eagles have a running back and defensive back who are both WVU graduates. So, as odd as it might seem, they'll be my team this year, even though they beat my beloved Bears. I still need someone to root for. I am one who cares too much about sports....

Except for Nascar--I don't care about that at all. And don't even consider racing cars a 'sport'.)

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