Saturday, January 19, 2019

disturbing and disgraceful

I just watched a video on the Washington Post web-site that was horrifying.

There was a gathering of Native Americans in Washington today to celebrate 'indigenous people' around the world. One of the group, who were being taunted by anti-abortion protesters, got separated from the group and encounter a group of teen boys in Make America Great Again hats at the Lincoln Memorial. The man, who is a Viet Nam veteran and head of a group that supports Native American young people, was surrounded by the teens.

He continued to beat his hand drum and sing his chant about resisting oppression, but one of the teens stood less than a foot from him, smirking and looking like he was thinking (my interpretation) 'you're not as good as me'.

The man's name was Philips and said later he felt unsafe as other teens were encouraging the boy.

People were chanting, "build the wall, build the wall", which is so ignorant it is beyond belief since Philips and his people were here before any of us was.

The teens were from a Catholic high school in Park Hills, Kentucky who were sent to DC for the anti-abortion rally.

The school said appropriate action--up to and including expulsion would be considered.

I certainly hope so.

Go watch it on the Washington Post web-site and feel the revulsion I felt.

How have we sunk this low?

Well, I think I know but I won't say his name.

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