Tuesday, January 8, 2019

There are 2 crisis's--just not yours

I watched, as you may have, the President's address tonight and the Democrats' response.

None of the three could win a high school debate contest, but two of them spoke Truth while He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named did not.

The President did admit there is a 'humanitarian crisis' at the southern boarder--one he created--where the legal right to apply for admission to the US because of dangerous conditions in their homeland is being delayed and delayed and delayed. And children, separated from their parents by this draconian administration have not been re-united but put in prison like situations with inadequate health care.

Plus, the other crisis is the partial shut down of the US government which has 800,000 federal workers either working without pay or furloughed without pay. Basic needs--food stamps, promised aid to native American's, safety in airports, care of national parks, availability of federal museums and much more--has been limited or ended.

Open the government and THEN talk about boarder security, which is much more complex than the President even understands.

Open the Government.

Open it now.

Congress is wanting to if only the President will agree.

And to this point, he hasn't.

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